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City Tours

Dresden was shaped by arts, culture and the amazing location in the Saxon Elbe River Valley for over 800 years. We would like to invite you for a personal tour with a limousine or a minivan, and if you arrive with a larger group, just take one of our coaches to discover the varied and interesting faces of the city.
Thereby you will encounter examples of city planning from many centuries. Local tour guides show you not only the famous historic city centre, but also outlying gems. These include, for example, the Newtown with its baroque alleys, passages, small boutiques and galleries; the Outer Newtown, one of the largest contiguous areas of the Founding Period with beautiful backyards and over a hundred different restaurants, cafes, pubs and nightclubs; or the elegant residential areas with its abundance villas and quaint vineyards along the Elbe River. Dresden, the forth largest German city in area size, is so vast, that it is worthwhile to be chauffeured.
If you are travelling with a limousine or a van, you will be able to enjoy a ride through narrow, cozy streets and thus to visit charming neighbourhoods that are impassable for large tour buses. There will also be the possibility of a short stroll in order to enjoy the view, to look behind the facades or to
rummage in some small shops.

Duration: minimum 2 hours


Blick von der Basteibrücke in die Berge der Sächsischen Schweiz

A must for anyone visiting Dresden is at least one tour in the surroundings of the city. Not only the thousand-year-old, medieval town of Meissen with the Porcelain Manufacture and the oldest German palace – the Albrechtsburg Castle – but also the Saxon Switzerland with its unique sandstone formations and the Ore Mountains, which are particularly known for the Christmas folk art of carving, are worth a trip.

Blick auf nächtlich beleuchtetes Schloss Moritzburg

The Saxon electors and kings left behind a large number of castles and palaces around Dresden. These include the Moritzburg Castle with one of the world's most extensive collections of leather wall coverings and antlers, Pillnitz Palace with wonderful gardens and a 230 years old Camellia, the Weesenstein Castle with its impressive and worldwide unique building history, and the over 800-year-old fortress Königstein with its imposing walls high above the Elbe River on top of a table mountain in the Saxon Switzerland.

Nächtlich beleuchteter Dom und Burg Meissen

You can experience all these attractions individually with a limousine or minivan. An experienced, local guide will accompany you, bringing history to life.

Duration: on request