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Car Service

Since 1990 the carservice is an important part of our company. The staff is not only resposible for the technical reliability and clenes of our own fleet – as a certified garage we offer a wide range of qualified cleaning-, repairing- and vehiclecare services.

Our services


  • carcleaning outside
  • carcleaning inside
  • carpreparation for return or sell


  • inspections
  • oilchange/-service
  • brakes and technical fluids
  • tyreservice
  • windshields
  • spring- and wintercheck
  • preparation for carinspections

Our location:

The carservice is located at the underground garage of The Westin Bellevue (approach via parking lot in front of the hotel). The use of all services is open for everyone!

Your partner:

Alexander Pötschke
Manager Technic



Mario Urban
Manager Service

Phone: 0049-351-8051616
Telefax: 0049-351-2060 110 
e-mail: autoservice@kreisel-dresden.de

Opening hours:
Monday –  Friday:
8 a.m. – 5 p.m.